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Leadership Evolution is a Professional Development Process which provides participants with two key applications - Communication and Leadership.

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We believe that only the learning of practical, easy-to-use, transferable skills will effect real and permanent change in individuals and, in turn, the culture. Skills require time and practice for development, self-awareness often requires reflection, and behavioural changes can not reasonably be expected to occur instantaneously; therefore we facilitate Leadership Evolution over a period of time using a Mixed Vertical Training Method. The groups consist of participants from different levels in the organization's leadership team. This ensures that the entire culture can benefit dramatically resulting in:

  • A better application of inter-departmental communication at various levels to support accountability and collaboration
  • A greater appreciation of the daily challenges experienced by colleagues at various levels leading to accurate problem solving
  • An enhanced team building and greater trust developed between team members
  • Real action and implementation rather than discussion
  • Measurable productivity from meetings and committee work
  • People appreciating change management and implementing continuous improvement

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