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"The results after only half of our groups had completed the training were quite evident. Approaches to communications were more deliberate, consistent and professional as participants learned about their personality traits and how that affected their communication style. The practical application of techniques and the tools provided in the sessions have been used in various situations in the workplace from speaking to peers, communicating with the boss, to dealing with managing performance.

One of the benefits for senior management is the ability to coach supervisors through situations with a consistent approach and common language. After attending your sessions, we had several supervisors recommend that we send some of our union local and we see the same great results."

Rene W. Gatien, P. Eng.

President & CEO

Waterloo North Hydro Inc.

"What I found particularly unique about the course is that it is not "cookie cutter" training: it recognizes that each individual has his or her own distinctive communication challenges and addresses them.

With staff throughout an organization using these skills, an organization can be more effective - with fewer misunderstandings. Employees can be more productive and leaders with solid communication skills can successfully guide an organization to achieve corporate goals."

Eric Rowen

Economic Development & Tourism Officer

County of Brant

"I found that the course met all my expectations. As a manager of a new section, I was required to build a team consisting of three different groups, each with different mandates and experience. For our section to succeed, we had to learn to communicate well with each other on all levels.

I am finding that the communication among staff is becoming more open and issues are dealt with using a direct , adult-like approach. Furthermore, it seems that unionized staff is becoming much more receptive to corrective feedback since they understand better its purpose.

I highly recommend this communication course to other groups. Although the course is designed for individuals in a leadership role, I found that this training is a powerful tool for anyone and the communication strategies learned can be applied to both work and personal life."

Rosa Gonzalez

Manager, Water and Wastewater

City of Hamilton

"The training course that Centric Dynamix provided was excellent as it taught me practical skills for communicating based on my existing skill set. As well, the training assisted with developing skills to recognize other's communication that will aid my communication to benefit our division and my team. I would highly recommend this training."

Marion Trent-Kratz

Program Analyst, Social Department and ECS

City of Hamilton

"The CDI Communications course opened our organization's eyes to the principles of effective communication and its practical applications. We can now deal confidently with all interpersonal interactions, from writing clear memos to resolving challenging workplace conflicts. The course has empowered us to make sweeping improvements throughout the organization. The training is excellent and the results have gone far beyond our expectations."

Christopher Sharpe

HR Manager

Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony

"This program has given me a skill set that has enabled me to improve on my communication skills not only at work but at home also. It really has made life so much easier. I would and have recommended this program to anyone wanting to improve their communication skills. Not only do I notice a difference but everyone around me does also."

Brian Fancy

Training / Development

La-Z-Boy Canada Limited

"Not only were the concepts invaluable, the atmosphere you created was superb. I can't say that any other training has been enjoyed so much.

I was also impressed by the format. With short sessions, focusing on the material and tuning out nagging work demands was possible. I saw improvements being made between the weeks between the sessions, and it was impressive to see the skills being used so quickly. I noticed participants overcoming their personal obstacles, like being able to assert themselves or being more comfortable giving appropriate feedback."

Steve Dramnitzke
Senior Operations Manager

"I found the Centric Dynamix program an unusually useful and practical approach to effective communication, conflict resolution and constructive feedback.

I eagerly recommend this program to my clients for providing core skills for leadership and personal effectiveness."

Gary Bond MSc Ed HRD

Leadership, Team & Career Development Consultant

"The concepts are logical, easy to understand, and benefit all levels of management; even managers considered to have already solid communication skills. With entire management teams developing and applying this skillset, I foresee more productive organizations and much more satisfied staff, which should enhance profitability. Being able to have communication flowing more easily up, down, and across hierarchies should break down barriers and build a team-based spirit.

I would not hesitate to recommend Communication Dynamix to any company."

Eileen Laird

Director of International Service Solutions

World Access

"My level of professionalism has greatly improved, when interacting with clients and suppliers. I can get directly to the point of my discussions and maintain it without having to hide behind sarcasm and subtle hints. Before the course, I would experience tremendous discomfort when dealing with uncomfortable situations or discussions, now I have no issues being completely open, honest and direct. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Richerd Reynolds

Owner of RR Graphic Design and Creative Services

"I can lead discussions with confidence because I have developed communication skills that help clarify and resolve issues. I find this course extremely beneficial for internal work issues and daily sales activities."

Vince Bull

Medirex Systems Inc.

"Over the past 12 years we have utilized your training programs, coaching, interventions and consulting services.  We continue to embrace the collaborative communication styles you have fostered and the leadership development skills developed.  We have added these programs to our Core Corporate Management skills inventory requirements for all our new talent acquisitions within our organization.

Behavioural Interventions:

The values of having an independent third party facilitate a dialogue between two parties about moving forward and providing the ability to develop personal roadmaps has been rewarding for participants.  Our success utilizing Centric Dymanix in these interventions has been fantastic!"

Jane Hale-McDonald

Vice-President, Human Resources

Energy +

Cambridge and North Dumfries Hydro Inc.

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