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Skills Development System

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Leadership Evolution – Skills Development System (SDS) was developed for larger organizations and municipalities. This system accommodates a diverse workplace, but ensures cohesive training that is easy to manage. 

Adaptable to any workplace schedule, the SDS offers an array of programs for participants to successfully apply strategies into the workplace directly from the training room. Participants acquire a practical foundation of skills to deal with a wide variety of workplace situations. These skills strengthen the ability to communicate and lead effectively.

The SDS begins with 2 three hour sessions called The Core. Participants learn how to apply their communication skills through practical application rather than through conceptual learning.

Following the completion of The Core, a number of individual sessions are available for the organization, specific departments, or individuals to customize a program to develop or reinforce specific skills.

This system is valuable for executives, managers, supervisors, team leads, and any salaried staff expected to take on a leadership role – Management and Union. The facilitation can be easily be adjusted to support staff in difficult departmental cultures, change management processes, or for their continuous improvement.

Because our programs are skills-based and interactive, for maximum learning we prefer to keep to groups of 10 - 20 participants.

Please contact us for a detailed course outline.