Centric Dynamix Inc.

The Centric Advantage

  • Our unique approach enables participants to actually change their behaviour significantly and apply strategies successfully.
  • In a safe, proactive environment, groups can address corporate issues, build effective teams, and change cultures.
  • Participants learn to apply skills in real-time, within the conversations, allowing them to deal with situations successfully as they happen.
  • Additional coaching throughout and after training ensures all participants achieve success.
  • One-on-one meetings with facilitators before training motivates participants to embrace the training.
  • Personal assessments and peer evaluations give participants a thorough understanding of their communication skills in the first session.
  • Participants practice real situations in sessions, not contrived role plays.
  • Vertical training demonstrates corporate commitment, fosters understanding, and promotes accountability.

Our programs teach macro behavioural skills that cover a wide range of applications:

  • Deal with difficult personalities
  • Behave assertively and accountably
  • Guide problem employees back to positive performance and behaviour
  • Improve labour relations
  • Resolve all conflict with a proactive approach
  • Communicate your point of view in any situation
  • Foster and support a positive corporate culture